Streetband Workshop with Wadebridge Creative Hub

Street bands are one of the musical wonders of the world, the sound of celebration from Brazil to New Orleans, the Balkans to Delhi. These bands flourish across the globe playing music to accompany processions, dances, rituals, civic occasions, fairs, outdoor theatre and circus.

On Saturday 25th January Tim Hill from Tongues of Fire and The Big Noise Streetband (a New Orleans Style community streetband based in Taunton) led a fantastic all-day music workshop at The Goods Shed in Wadebridge – organized by Meg Lamond and Voirrey Faragher of Wadebridge Creative Hub as a first step to forming a new community streetband in Wadebridge.

Five members of Musical Mixtures! – the Mind ‘Music for Wellbeing’ group in Bodmin – attended the streetband workshop, along with ten others. The musicians played a mixture of reed, woodwind, string and percussion instruments. The music and songs Tim started teaching the group to play, arrange and improvise on together included original compositions and modern arrangements of music from New Orleans, African, Balkan and British streetband traditions.

Tim Hill said: ‘There has been an explosion in contemporary groups forming across Europe and the US over the last twenty-five years. These bands are a great way of developing musical skills and an important part of many musical traditions, including our own. Street bands are excellent tools for building musical confidence, for developing ear training and ensemble playing, learning about other musical cultures and combining with other art forms.’


Wadebridge Creative Hub is a newly formed community group in the town which aims to bring together artists, writers, musicians, sculptors, dancers and creative people of all kinds to organize accessible and high quality creative projects and events in Wadebridge.

If you can play percussion, reed or brass instruments; accordion, trumpet-violin or double-bass on wheels – or any other loud instrument you can walk or even dance down the street with! – and you feel you might like to be part of a new streetband in Wadebridge and play out on the streets and in the park for The Big Lunch, Wadebridge Carnival, Camel River Festival, BikeLights and other local community celebrations in the Camel Valley please call the Musical Mixtures contact no. or send an email to :
Tim Hill is a musician, composer, and performer who specialises in outdoor celebration and performance. He plays saxophone in a wide variety of contexts, leads bands, writes and arranges music and works as musical director for outdoor shows. He also creates and produces outdoor celebrations and researches traditions of celebration, outdoor performance and street music. In addition to helping people start new bands he also runs musical skills workshops for existing bands and can provide resources and presentations on street-bands in history and all around the world. If you are interested please email: