Soil to Soup Update

What a difference a year makes. Here is our news update.

It is 2 years since I first looked at an empty paddock and lovely overgrown flower borders and saw a Wellbeing garden for Mind.  So last week Grandma’s best table cloth came out and we had our 2nd birthday party, with our own strawberries ripening just at the right time, our flowers on the table and the sun shining kindly. Onions, garlic, tobacco plants and beans are all looking good.

We are a garden for people who wish to increase their inner strength and wellbeing. Our volunteering members often self refer, and bravely come along alone for a first look, or they are referred by Rethink by Outlook Southwest. Sometimes members get introduced by an agency like Pentreath, or by an O.T. Getting through the door in the ivy covered wall is always the first hurdle. No one should underestimate how hard those first visits can be. Our volunteers challenge themselves bravely.

Our volunteer members face many hurdles in life. We offer open friendship and support each other in guided growing activities, and the stream of other jobs that need doing. We reward ourselves with lots of home baked cake and tea under our shelter. Increasingly our members are identifying other activities we can do in the garden and we are raising funds for creative work and more tools.

We have hosted mentoring into work participants and have been the beneficiaries of new flower beds, we have decreased isolation for some members and in return have had loads of DIY jobs done, an out of work youngster created a pond and now we are proud parents to loads of frogs that hide in our long grass edges. Not everyone comes every week; one keen but irregular volunteer is in the process of helping us create a small wild flower meadow. Another came only twice but the onions he set are growing all over the garden.

There is always lots of work to do in the garden and if you know of someone who would benefit from joining us on Wednesday mornings 10.00-12.30 please call Maureen at the Mind office in Bodmin 01208 892855 or leave Mary a message on 07407785520.

Sometimes coming to the garden is a first step to other activities and interests. Our Wellbeing Centre is in Bodmin and we also offer Yoga, Knit and Natter, Music, Art, IT and Leisure Sports.