Patchwork for Children’s Hospice

The Patchwork group has been busy making Quillows. What is a Quillow? Well, a Quillow is usually a lap quilt – measuring approx. 54 x 42 which can be folded into a hidden pocket to become a pillow or cushion.

We read about this appeal in a patchwork magazine and our small group of quilters, have happily joined with other quilters across the South West, supporting Jill Sharpless s special mission, to provide Quillows for the children, who will be visiting the new St Austell children s Hospice – Little Harbour, which is due to open in the autumn of 2011.

Jill Sharpless has been involved with Children s Hospice South West for many years – included in the wonderful work she has done, she has helped to raise money for hospice care through the making and raffling of quilts.

Jill has organised the provision of Quillows to Little Bridge House, North Devon, Charlton Farm, North Somerset and is now focused upon Little Harbour. The Quillows s are given to the children and they can take them home with them.

We have made 9 Quillows and our target is 12 .

One of our members has also quilted a wall hanging called The Creation which she is donating to little harbour.

Many thanks to everyone involved and check out the photos on Flickr!