Health activity project is boosted by Co-op grant

We are really grateful to have received a £944 community grant from the Co-op to help run our sessions in Bodmin’s Dragon Leisure Centre. Our “Fitness to Wellbeing” project provides activities for people who would like to improve their mental wellbeing through swimming, badminton and the use of a gym. A sauna and whirlpool bath are also available.

Maureen Newman, who organises the sessions, said: “The project is having a huge, positive impact on people.

“I have watched people’s confidence grow, and some have been able to find part-time employment following their attendance at the sessions.

“Often people need help to get motivated to take part in exercise and it can be easier if you have a group trying to get fit together.

“It’s a great way to make friends or just have some quiet exercise on your own.”

She said: “Arguably the best reason for being physically active is that it can be fun, and a way of getting away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

“Whatever activities you choose – and whether you do it in a group or on your own, indoors or outdoors – people are likely to benefit psychologically.

“Regular physical activity can lift your mood, help you deal with negative emotions and bring you a general sense of mental wellbeing.

“It can help you sleep better, reduce tension levels, feelings of stress or fatigue, and give you more energy.

“Research indicates that physical activity may even reduce the chances of someone developing problems in the first place.”

People interested in joining the group should contact Maureen Newman for details by e-mailing or by phoning her on 01208 892855. The project at the Dragon Leisure Centre is funded from the charity’s reserves and donations are always welcome.